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Most importantly, you must gauge the ability of your team. How you utilize your talent will make or break your success. Some people are extremely hands-on or self-doers, while others are stronger when leading others. Some are highly organized, while some will never be interested in the 5S methodology.

Thus, focus on moving people out of wrong areas and getting them in areas where they can succeed. You need to know how work requests are gathered and collected.

2. Become a good storyteller

If work orders are requested by shoulder taps, then fix the poor work order processing issue. Or, if your customer relationship management CRM system is used to process work requests, but you observe the work is not processed quickly enough, then attempt an adjustment of manpower allocation. Or, if there are numerous work requests resulting in an enormous backlog, it is best to involve production to select the work. Then, at least they know where manpower hours are going, resulting in their knowing what maintenance is servicing.

These examples result in an unsatisfied production customer and leave a perception that maintenance is unproductive. But, in reality, maintenance teams are working, but not in an efficient work order, processing environment.

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Where is most of your workforce time allocated? What percentage of time does the department allocate to emergency versus scheduled work?

How are work requests gathered and collected? These questions should be considered to complete your observation.

Transactional Leadership

Some managers think of goal setting as an unnecessary soft skill. Their plan is to just fix everything. This mentality can quickly send the organization down the path of destruction and inefficacy.

Leadership & Management 101—Defining and Applying the Principles

Just focus on the things that can be easily accomplished. For example, establish 5S lubrication areas, simplify the work order flow process, hold people accountable, reduce vendor spending, or supervise those who need it. Have at least one safety initiative, such as arc flash protection, personal protective equipment PPE , lock-tag-try LTT , lighting, etc.

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It should be something the person has a special interest in. You can set one goal for you, but most of your time should be spent utilizing your strength in numbers by following up and supporting your team goals. Within the first year, you will be observing a lot, so grabbing the low-hanging fruit at the same time is key.

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Based on the examination of the requirements for your managerial role, you will develop methods and tools for effective self-management. The model of situative leadership supports you in actively developing the competency and motivation of your employees and guide their performance.

Leadership Basics Module F1. Leading oneself and others effectively.

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Process Preliminary online work: personal definition of goals, preparatory tasks, MDI management style analysis Training: 2 days Online follow-up: transfer tasks, controlling of goals, follow-up webinar including check of result.

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