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There was a time when classes in public speaking, leadership, and other so-called soft skills were considered a nuisance or something to be tolerated. Thankfully, such attitudes have shifted.

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To cite one example, a recent study shows that when companies connect emotionally with their customers, sales growth accelerates. Today, most business professionals see the value in connecting with a purpose. These highlights will give you a head start in preparing for your next big communication moment.

Are you ready to talk on water? The power of connection is vital to business communication. If you could improve business presentations, what might be possible? Increased sales? Better financial standing?

Deeper bench strength? More motivated and confident employees?

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All of this and more is possible when you discover how to connect and communicate on a higher level. Connecting with your audience, whether during a one-on-one sales call, presenting market research to a group of stakeholders seated around a conference table, or speaking to hundreds on a TEDx stage, starts with mindset.

Your audience will pick up on the subtle cues you are giving and respond accordingly. Rather than focusing on getting through a presentation, the best thinkers focus on developing a rapport with their audiences. They achieve this by keeping several foundational beliefs in mind:. Ahead of your next powerhouse presentation, do your best to instill these foundational beliefs in your mind.

This will put you well on your way to connecting with your audience. Connect with yourself by knowing what you need to succeed.

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What will make you feel most confident in this presentation? How much time do you need to prepare? Who can you depend on for support as you prepare? Connect with your message by empathizing with your audience.

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The book presents a simple four-step process called the Presentation C. E Part 3 to help with the nuts and bolts. Many presenters make the mistake of using audiovisuals in a distracting or overwhelming way. It can sometimes appear as if presenters are trying to hide behind their media. This impression is not the way to win over your audience! Never forget that you are best at being yourself. Rather than trying to imitate others or their captivating presentation styles, work to express yourself with ease, energy, and enthusiasm.

If you can do this well, you will succeed in speaking with confidence.

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Skillful authenticity always results in a memorable presentation. In the fast-paced business world where everyone seems to want everything yesterday, preparing and rehearsing a presentation can seem like a luxury. But to achieve results in high-stakes presentations, practice is absolutely a necessity. I read almost all the article shared on Copyblogger this week and it was a treat reading them.

Blending Art with Strategy for Powerhouse Content

I learned a lot of skillful writing and how to create awesome professional content. I find it most helpful to start with strategy. Get that squared up, then work on making your copy sing. Hey, Sonia, Great stuff!! I learned a lot of things from there.

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