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Audience engagement with the brand should be able to be tracked with metrics.

Weekly prizes

Community Relations Professional of the Year: Either launched a new and successful community outreach program or took an existing program to new heights. Showed leadership in inspiring internal stakeholder engagement with an organization's community. Corporate Social Responsibility Leader: Either launched a new and successful sustainability program or took an existing program to new heights.

Goals of sustainability program s should be stated clearly, and metrics showing success should be evident.

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Crisis Manager of the Year: Led overall communications efforts during an organizational crisis; proven ability to protect an organization's reputation and stay on message during a crisis. Digital Communications Leader of the Year: Led communications team to innovate across multiple digital platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Results should be measured in number of Twitter followers for a brand or organization, Facebook likes, increase in Web traffic, etc. Event Marketer of the Year: Demonstrated innovation in marketing live or virtual events using some of the following mediums and methods: e-letters, social media, direct mail, Web content, media outreach.

In the case of a new event, targets should have been met or exceeded. Government Communicator of the Year: Led successful communications efforts for a local, state or federal agency or department. Communications challenges for the agency or department should be stated clearly, as well as evidence of success. Hall of Fame: Pioneers in public relations who have left a lasting mark and have been outspoken leaders in one or more areas, including but not limited to crisis communications, nonprofit communications, PR measurement, diversity initiatives, corporate social responsibility, charitable efforts and digital communications.

Internal Communicator of the Year: Successfully led an organization's internal communications efforts during a major organizational change such as a merger, acquisition, CEO change, product launch or rebranding, or has established a successful intranet or social media policy.

'I used to make £10, a month playing online poker - now I'm jacking it in' | The Independent

Intern of the Year: Established herself or himself quickly as a self-starting member and idea generator for a communications team and exhibited strong writing skills, professional demeanor, smart use of digital tactics. Testimonials from supervisors are necessary for consideration.

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May also have advised on or led communications during a strategic shift for an organization. Lemonade Maker: Proven ability to take a negative or potentially negative message or event and reshape the conversation to highlight an organization's positive aspects or areas of growth. This may also include situations where an organization or brand has the potential to be negatively affected by larger economic, political or cultural issues.

MARCOM Professional of the Year: Success at using various media and communications methods such as TV, print, Web, social media, direct mail, word of mouth and e-letters to create awareness for a product or service in the marketplace.

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  5. Marketing communications plan for product or service should be described in detail, and plan's success should be supported with data. This allowed the authors to test whether skill or chance could predict the outcome of the game.

    231 TIP. The Mind of A World Poker Champion with Annie Duke

    The results revealed that although the cards dealt pretty much predicted the winner, skill was important for reducing losses when players are dealt a bad hand. Is poker a game of skill or chance? A quasi-experimental study. Although poker is legally a game of chance in most countries, some particularly operators of private poker web sites argue that it should be regarded as a game of skill or sport because the outcome of the game primarily depends on individual aptitude and skill.

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    The available findings indicate that skill plays a meaningful role; however, serious methodological weaknesses and the absence of reliable information regarding the relative importance of chance and skill considerably limit the validity of extant research. But it was all worth it when on April 28 th in the pre-dawn hours of a New York morning I checked the news from India. India , had broken records. It makes direct equity investments in women-focused inclusive finance institutions.

    And, critically, that investors, even small ones, can play an important role in influencing institutions to stay focused on women as a key part of their growth strategy and future profitability. This is known as gender lens investing. Membership in the network requires not only that a financial institution offer services to un- or under-served women clients, but also that it meets a rigorous set of financial and social performance standards to ensure it delivers on the double bottom-line.

    Research specialists, product design experts and leadership development programs are available through technical assistance. Our research found significant demand across the business sectors occupied by low-income women. Prior to this work, Ujjivan was only offering group loans, the staple product of microfinance institutions. Ujjivan lost no time in pursuing the Small Bank License considering this would allow it to offer desperately needed savings products to its women clients.

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