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I usually pick at least a few stories from the not-reviewed list to look at, so I'll definitely keep those in mind. You'll see the updates when the cached pages in your browser age out in a day or so. This should not overshadow the fact that we think they've produced an excellent list that reflects the hard work we know they put into it. In the section below, the links support the claims in the text by jumping to a view of the table that shows the stories and data being discussed.

Authors eligible for the "Best New Author" award. However, there were only half as many as we'd have expected based on our own aggregated list. We never see magazines or anthologies anywhere near this good. Laura February 4, at PM. June February 12, at AM. June February 17, at PM. There is a major showdown in a local nightclub when Blackie bursts in on the mob. In the end, he stops the gang, saves the girl, and overcomes temptation and returns the jewels. There he is impressed by the talent of the inmates.

One particularly talented fellow uses his magic act to break out of prison. Now Blackie must find him. Meanwhile the fugitive searches for his look-alike, the man who really committed the crime. Clever Blackie manages to catch them both and then insures that the real crook goes to jail while the innocent man goes free. Thomas Mitchell plays Joseph Foster, an honest judge who wants to become governor.

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Blocked by corrupt political forces, Foster would practically have to make a deal with the Devil to reach his goal. Enter Nick Beal Ray Milland , a diabolically handsome gent with a slick line of patter and a smooth, infallible method of getting things done. Failing to recognize his benefactor's true identity after all, Nick has no horns or cloven hooves Foster agrees to the deal when Nick assures him that the end result is for the good of the people. To bind the bargain, Nick sends out one of his most trusted associates, Donna Allen Audrey Totter , to keep Foster in line.

When Foster finally realizes that he's sold his soul, there seems to be no way out.. X, stars Turhan Bey as the title character, a mysterious mystic named Alexis. Making a comfortable living by fleecing the gullible wealthy, Alexis' latest target is grieving young widow Christine Faber Lynn Bari. Hoping to communicate with her husband, who supposedly died in a car crash two years earlier, Christine submits to Alexis' crystal-ball act.

Our hero finds out more than he bargained for when the "deceased" Mr. Faber Donald Curtis turns up very much alive as the central figure in an elaborate fraud scheme. The story opens with the funeral of Maxim Raden, the patriarch who was pretty much responsible for building up the town that bears the family name, and which has been dominated for decades by the now-idle mill that he owned.

Present at the funeral is Dr. Ben Saunders Harry Carey Sr. John was one of a pair of twin boys; the other, Paul, died in an accident a quarter century ago, just after John was sent away to school. But Saunders and Maxim Raden had a secret between them, that Paul Raden didn't die, but went dangerously insane, and has kept been alive all of this time, in a hidden room in the decaying Raden mansion He decides to kill her by driving the both of them off a cliff.

He succeeds in ending her pain, but unfortunately he survives and ends up turning himself in with a full confession. Now it is up to his brilliant lawyer to defend him. He not only justifies the old judge's actions, he also proves that the wife took a fatal dose of poison before getting in the car; therefore she committed suicide. The judge is freed and returns to his courtroom where he oversees his cases with considerably more sympathy and understanding than he did before.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Alcoholic playwright Thomas Mitchell, having saved embezzler John Qualen from suicide, decides to enter Fairbanks' high-stakes game, using Qualen as an easy-mark "bait. If you're willing to look past the mildewed sets and murky lighting, however, this well-paced film noir is pretty enjoyable.

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Hugh Beaumont yes, that Hugh Beaumont plays a tough reporter whose honesty is compromised by scheming Anne Savage. Unable to unwrap himself from Savage's little finger, Beaumont agrees to go in on her plan to murder her husband Russell Hicks. They then contrive to frame an innocent man for their perfidy. You've seen this before as Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice, but the actors are energetic and the direction by the overworked Sam Newfield is better than usual.

Frances Gifford delivers what may be her best performance as Anne Parkson, the loving but neglected wife of busy Chicago attorney Ted Parkson George Murphy. Upon meeting one of Ted's clients, shady nightclub owner Tony Arnelo John Hodiak , Anne finds herself inexorably drawn to the charismatic Arnelo. He in turn is equally fascinated by Anne, but his fascination deepens into love. Upon realizing that Arnelo is essentially a cold-blooded thug, Anne tries to break off their relationship.

But Arnelo has murdered his cast-off mistress Claire Lorrison Joan Woodbury , and has arranged the evidence so as to implicate Anne in the killing. To Arnelo's way of thinking, if he can't have Ann, no one can-certainly not her scrupulously honest husband, who has gone on record insisting that he'd prosecute any criminal to the fullest extent of the law, even if that criminal was a friend or relative.

Told in Arch Oboler's traditional stream-of-consciousness manner, the story comes to a violent but logical conclusion when Arnelo exhumes his own long-suppressed sense of decency. Despite competition from the three stars, and from such reliable supporting players as Eve Arden and Dean Stockwell, The Arnelo Affair is stolen by Warner Anderson as a soft-spoken, philosophical Chicago detective.

The focus is on Anthony Bushell, playing a champion British football player. Bushell is poisoned to death during a game, in full view of a capacity crowd. Police inspector Leslie Banks enters the scene to determine who, why, and how. Like many British programmers of the s, Arsenal Stadium Mystery was an early arrival on American television.

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Raymond plays insurance investigator Dan Sullivan, at present trying to gather clues from a payroll heist. Someone doesn't want Sullivan to solve the case, as witness the number of times he's beaten black-and-blue. The film's bizarre climax takes place at the hideout of gang boss Frankie Mantell Robert Bice , where Sullivan, posing as a doctor, is expected to operate on the wounded criminal!

Director Boetticher is at his best in the closing reels, slowly and methodically building tension upon tension as Sullivan seeks an avenue of escape. George Raft, who always seems miscast, plays an American undercover intelligence agent operating in Turkey. Sultry Osa Massen passes on some valuable secret papers to Raft just before she is killed.

Our Hero then finds himself at the mercy of enemy agent Sidney Greenstreet, who knows that the papers contain Nazi plans to invade Turkey. Despite several brutal beatings, Raft and his cohorts Peter Lorre a good guy for a change and Brenda Marshall turn the tables on Greenstreet. Background to Danger was the first of many Warner Bros. An invalid concert pianist dies, leaving a will that does not include his personal secretary Hilary Cummins Peter Lorre as a beneficiary.

Furious, the left-out yes-man cuts off a hand from the corpse and plots revenge. Unfortunately for Hilary, the hand inherits a life of its own and relentlessly stalks the wild-eyed Lorre as he flees in vain. Special effects keep the audience jumping as they dread the next appearance of this gruesome walking hand.

Carrol Naish Directed by: Robert Florey. Barnes , who seems to be falling in love with Bedelia. No matter where they go, the Carringtons are pestered by the persistent Ben. On the verge of tossing the interloper out, Charlie reconsiders-and a good thing, too, since Bedelia has been planning all along to poison him at the first opportunity.

In the film's operatic climax, Bedelia discovers that this time she has been set up for a fall! Bedelia is based on a novel by Vera Caspary, of Laura fame. Boris Karloff stars as the supervisor of the notorious 18th century British insane asylum St. Mary's of Bethlehem, better known as "Bedlam. The crafty, politically connected Karloff responds by having Lee herself incarcerated in the institution: she is a "willful woman", and therefore must be insane. With the help of a few of the more rational patients, Lee stages a mutiny, capturing Karloff and giving him a mock trial.

Though they don't truly intend to harm Karloff, he is seriously injured by one of his tormented patients. Assuming that Karloff is dead, the other inmates wall up his body in the cellar—and as the last brick is put in place, we see Karloff's eyes suddenly open! Though it has it moments of genuine terror, Bedlam is as historically accurate as possible, right down to the archaic dialogue passages.

For the most part, the film is an indictment against political corruption, with Karloff in a terrific, multi-faceted performance alternately bullying and wheedling to save his own behind. Val Lewton writing under the pseudonym Carlos Keith based his film on one of the illustrations in Hogarth's "The Rake's Progress," glimpses of which are seen throughout the film as transitional devices. Now the press is demanding to learn details. Meanwhile, an ambitious officer finds himself sorely tempted to use dishonest means to advance his political career.

Things get even more muddled up when he falls in love with a female murder suspect. To get the goods on Drake, private detective Ross Stewart Richard Carlson has himself committed to the asylum as a patient. Meanwhile, reporter Kathy Lawrence Lucille Bremer , posing as Stewart's wife, acts as his liaison to the outside world. But when Drake figures out what's going on, he pulls strings to have Stewart meet with an "accident" during his stay at the institution.

Ralf Harolde, who memorably portrayed a seedy psychiatrist in Murder My Sweet, contributes another excellent performance in Behind Locked Doors as a sympathetic attendant with Something To Hide. They discover that the notion of the "Allied forces" is breaking down amid their victory in the war; they neither like nor trust each other, nor each other's countries, except where the Germans are concerned, where they share a distrust.

And then they cross paths with a German VIP who makes them wonder if they've got all of the Germans pegged right. A bomb goes off, killing their newfound acquaintance, and the suspicions start anew. The mystery surrounding the victim only deepens when they discover that he wasn't who he claimed to be — and that the army isn't saying who he was. Ryan, Oberon, et al. They find Frankfurt a hotbed of sabotage and armed underground resistance, with the occupying armies seemingly caught flat-footed by the plotting in their midst, which includes murder and blackmail.

Berlin Express is a spellbinding mix of action, suspense, and topical political intrigue, laced with idealism and a surprising degree of sophistication, a level a wit almost worthy of Graham Greene, and an eye for suspense worthy of Hitchcock. Indeed, the film could almost be considered director Jacques Tourneur's postwar equivalent to Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent It also represents a fascinating cultural snapshot, depicting the very last moments of hope for peaceful relations with the Soviets that could be seen in American movies for decades. Kim's marriage was a whirlwind affair, and as a result she barely knows her husband.

She soon discovers that Jagger may be involved in a murder — and that he very well may be a homicidal maniac. Designated by film-historian Don Miller as the finest "B" picture ever made, Betrayed is chock full of superb cinematic touches, courtesy of director William Castle. Best bits include the shot of Kim Hunter staring out her hotel window, her face illuminated by a flashing neon sign, and a "shock cut" straight out of Hitchcock's The 39 Steps. Third-billed Robert Mitchum was elevated to star status on the reissue prints of When Strangers Marry, which unfortunately tended to give away the film's surprise ending; also in the cast in a tiny role is Mitchum's future Out of the Past co-star Rhonda Fleming.

One of the most convincing performances is delivered by character actor Lou Lubin, who plays a shaking-in-his-boots murder witness. Filmed in ten days, Betrayed was another box-office winner for the canny King Brothers producing team. Joan Ellis Phyllis Thaxter hears a voice in her head in flashbacks shortly before she is to be married.

She flees to another city and even takes up with another man to rid herself of the voice, but random words bring it back at unexpected moments. The voice ultimately tells her to kill her husband-to-be, and when a psychiatrist Edmund Gwenn determines on the eve of her execution that Joan is possessed by a split personality, a struggle ensues to see which one will survive.

Oboler uses radio techniques and tense scripting to bring his thriller to visual life. Clock is immensely rewarding for all viewers, but especially for those with an inclination for moody black-and-white cinematography, twisting convoluted plots, and snappy dialogue with a certain edge. Jonathan Latimer's screenplay is clever and lean, providing just enough detail to flesh out its characters without getting in the way of the intricate plot. John Farrow's direction is top notch; he does a masterful job of creating tension and suspense, showing the audience just enough to keep them hooked without giving away too much.

He skillfully melds the relatively lighthearted mood of the first portion of the film with the dangerous, desperate mood of the second part. Farrow's efforts are enormously aided by the evocative, atmospheric photography of Daniel L. Fapp and John F. Their contributions heighten the tension without becoming overwhelming and make excellent use of shadow and light. Ray Milland is a solid presence as the hero, and Charles Laughton is a menacing delight as the villain, but Elsa Lanchester almost steals the film away from them with her bizarrely amusing supporting role.

Bogart stars as mob leader Duke Berne, a three-time loser who tries in vain to reorganize his old gang upon being sprung from prison. Falling in love with Lorna Fleming Irene Manning , the wife of crooked attorney Martin Fleming Stanley Ridges , Berne ends up back behind bars for life, thanks to the vengeful Fleming's courtroom chicanery.

Escaping during a prison variety show dominated by Chick Chandler as an incarcerated blackface comedian , Berne makes a beeline for Lorna, who deserted the duplicitous Fleming when the latter railroad an innocent young man into jail. Hoping to find happiness in a remote mountain hideway, Berne ultimately realizes that he's no good for Lorna and spends the rest of the picture atoning for past sins. Summoned to the home of the fabulously wealthy General Sternwood Charles Waldron , Marlowe is hired to deal with a blackmailer shaking down the General's sensuous, thumb-sucking daughter Carmen Martha Vickers.

This earns Marlowe the displeasure of Carmen's sloe-eyed, seemingly straight-laced older sister Vivian Bacall , who is fiercely protective of her somewhat addled sibling. As he pursues the case at hand, Marlowe gets mixed up in the murder of Arthur Geiger Theodore von Eltz , a dealer in pornography. He also runs afoul of gambling-house proprietor Eddie Mars John Ridgely , who seems to have some sort of hold over the enigmatic Vivian.

Any further attempts to outline the plot would be futile: the storyline becomes so complicated and convoluted that even screenwriters William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett, and Jules Furthmann were forced to consult Raymond Chandler for advice he was as confused by the plot as the screenwriters.

When originally prepared for release in , The Big Sleep featured a long exposition scene featuring police detective Bernie Ohls Regis Toomey explaining the more obscure plot details. This expository scene was ultimately sacrificed, along with several others, in favor of building up Bacall's part; for instance, a climactic sequence was reshot to emphasize sexual electricity between Bogart and Bacall, obliging Warners to replace a supporting player who'd gone on to another project. The end result was one of the most famously baffling film noirs but also one of the most successful in sheer star power.

Directed by: Howard Hawks. Genre: SUSPENSE, Transfer Quality: A With an ingenious script by Roy Chanslor, this modest, but imaginative film noir is notable for the strong performance by lead actor Dan Duryea Alcoholic musician Martin Blair Duryea becomes the prime suspect when his cheating wife is murdered, until it is determined that he was "sleeping one off" at the time of the killing.

Another man John Phillips , who was being blackmailed by the murdered woman, is sent to prison for the crime.

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The condemned man's wife June Vincent believes in her husband's innocence and sets about to prove it, enlisting the aid of Blair, who has flashes of memory about the night of the crime. Recalling that he saw a stranger leave his wife's apartment, Blair endeavors to track down this stranger. The real murderer is revealed in the film's last moments Black Angel was based on a novel by Cornell Woolrich. Normally assigned to villainous roles, Dan Duryea gives a surprisingly impressive performance as an affectingly romantic character and is by far the most interesting and sympathetic character in the film.

His performance makes the plot twist at the end, both startling and believable. Morris is mad enough to get blind drunk, but is he mad enough to kill? When the publisher is indeed murdered, Morris tops the suspect list. To clear himself, he uses his own skills as a writer of whodunits to ascertain the identity of the real killer. Trouble is, all the clues Morris comes up with point right back to him — and frankly, he can't remember what happened the night of the murder. In Blonde Ice, Brooks is cast as Claire, a society reporter who'll do literally anything for a story.

She manages to keep herself in the headlines by marrying and romancing a series of wealthy men, all of whom die under mysterious circumstances. To deflect suspicion from herself, Claire frames her erstwhile boyfriend, sportswriter Les Burns Robert Paige. Because the police department is incredibly obtuse throughout the film, it's up to a criminal psychologist David Leonard to expose Claire as a homicidal sociopath.

Johnny Morrison Alan Ladd returns from the war to find his wife Helen Doris Dowling having a party and in the arms of another man. Johnny and Helen have a terrible fight, and later Helen is found dead. Johnny must prove his innocence and he enlists the aid of Joyce Haywood Veronica Lake , the ex-wife of Helen's lover. Pursued by the cops, and never sure if he is being set-up for the murder, Johnny finally solves the murder and clears his name. Alan Ladd is at his hard-boiled, no-nonsense best as Johnny and Veronica Lake is, as always, the perfect noir femme-fatale, mysterious and alluring.

Nicely directed by George Marshall, the film moves with great pace to an exciting, satisfying conclusion. The screenplay, the only one written by Chandler directly for the screen, was nominated for an Academy Award. Unbeknownst to the authorities, Gaston is also the serial killer of beautiful young women that they have been seeking for several months. Whenever a girl fails to come up to Gaston's standards of perfection, she is summarily strangled and tossed into the streets. Gaston's latest model is the gorgeous Lucille Jean Parker , who once she learns her employer's horrible secret courageously vows to bring him to justice.

Before the film has reached its halfway point, Carter has been accused of murder, and is being hunted down by his former fellow officers. Only his file-clerk fiancee Doris Brewster Priscilla Lane believes in Carter's innocence, and it is she who is instrumental in cornering the actual killer. Fleischer had outgrown B pictures and was ready for more prestigious assignments. Closely based on the actual murder of Fr. Hubert Dahme in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the film was directed by the young Elia Kazan in a highly effective, semi-documentary style.

Kazan shot most of the film on location, using high-contrast cinematography and an extremely mobile camera to create a palpable sense of urgency. The screenplay, expertly crafted by Richard Murphy received an Academy Award nomination. Ballantine, Lee J. The story concerns the efforts by both the Mexican and American governments to stop the smuggling of Mexican migrant workers across the border. Screenwriter John C. Highlights include a harrowing episode involving a plowing machine and a climactic shootout in a quicksand swamp.

In the latter picture, Tierney starts the ball rolling by committing a double murder in a jealous pique. Claire Trevor discovers the bodies, but says nothing to the police; she's leaving town and doesn't want to be impeded. Trevor and Tierney meet and fall in love on the train to San Francisco. Unfortunately, Trevor is married, so Tierney shifts his affections to her sister, Audrey Long later the wife of director Billy Wilder.

He marries Long, though he keeps up his illicit affair with Trevor. When detectives investigating the murders come snooping, they are bought off by Tierney's pal Elisha Cook Jr. When Tierney finally does face arrest, it's at the instigation of the jealous Trevor, who is shot full of holes for her trouble. Directed by: Robert Wise. In the original, a falsely accused convict Larry Parks escapes while Blackie Chester Morris is putting on a magic show for a men's prison, prompting Blackie to stop the escapee before he can kill the man who framed him. In the remake, Blackie stages yet another magic act, this time at a woman's prison.

Sure enough, a female inmate Constance Dowling escapes, determined to wreak vengeance on the man who done her wrong. Implicated in the escape, Blackie manages to clear himself and to extract a recorded confession from the actual killer. In both the original and the remake, Chester Morris is given ample opportunity to show off his considerable skills as a magician. As a result of his involvement in the con, Blackie must clear himself after being accused of murder.

Stone obey the film's title and head for Tinseltown. As always, Blackie spends a goodly portion of his time in disguise, assuming the identity of a bearded foreigner. Blackie must find the real killers before he gets in real trouble. Action and mystery ensue. This time it's personal: Cook has been committing a number of violent murders while posing as Blackie. Stuck in the middle is Sally Brown Nina Foch , who is kidnapped by the villain so that Blackie will lay off. When asked in later years about Boston Blackie's Rendezvous, Nina Foch couldn't remember too many plot details, but did note with pride that costar Richard Lane cast as Blackie's perennial nemesis Inspector Farraday later became a prominent TV sportscaster.

Murdock Florence Bates to find and return a stolen gold coin. Marlowe quickly finds himself involved an a case which includes robbery, blackmail and murder. Just as Marlowe begins to solve the mystery, he is savagely beaten by Vannier Fritz Kortner. Marlowe finally puts all the pieces of the puzzle together when he discovers a blackmail scheme involving Murdock's mentally-ill secretary, Merle Davis Nancy Guild which leads him to suspect his employer.

The Brasher Doubloon, adapted from Chandler's novel, The High Window, and beautifully photographed by Lloyd Ahern captures a proper film noir sensibility with its moody, low-key images and dense, dark background shots, while failing to capture the complexity of the novel. Director John Brahm, who also directed the excellent films The Lodger and Hangover Square, is disappointing, failing to create the depth of characterization and plot which he showed in these films. The Brasher Doubloon remains bland, with undistinguished acting by the entire cast. The only exception is Fritz Kortner, a veteran character actor molded in the expressionist cinema of pre-war Berlin, who creates the grotesque character of Vannier, bringing a sense of evil vitality to an otherwise bland production.

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When the theatre is bombed by the Nazis, Loder suffers a head injury. Thereafter, he cannot separate fact from fiction, and periodically becomes the strangler that he is playing on stage. Loder's lady love June Duprez puts her own life on the line in attempting to save Loder from himself. The Brighton Strangler benefits from its brisk minute running time, which allows the story to unfold without undue padding or muddled psychological overtones.

Interestingly, John Loder's character is triggered into becoming a murderer whenever someone inadvertently recites one of the lines from his play—a dramatic device later utilized to fuller effect in Richard Condon's The Manchurian Candidate. A remake of the espionager Three Faces East, the film stars Boris Karloff as Valder, the sinister butler of a British cabinet minister.

It is quite possible that Valder is a German spy, and equally likely that the mysterious Helene von Lorbeer Margaret Lindsay is likewise working for the enemy. In fact, the audience is never quite certain who the good guys and bad guys really are until the climax, which takes place during a German zeppelin raid of London. As a balm to audiences, the film includes an early comedy scene in which German military protocol is upset by a clumsy corporal Willy Kaufman who bears a startling resemblance to a certain Nazi dictator. Hatton plays former college student Hal Moffat, who when his face is destroyed in a chemical lab mishap vows to get even with those he holds responsible.

After murdering several of his former classmates, Moffat, known to the police as "The Creeper", takes refuge in the home of blind piano teacher Helen Jane Adams. Unable to see Moffat's hideous facial features, Helen falls in love with him. Momentarily softened by her affections, Moffat determines to raise enough money to pay for a sight-restoring operation, and to that end steals a cache of valuable jewels from his ex-classmates Clifford and Virginia Scott Tom Neal and Jan Wiley , killing Clifford in the process.

A diligent police detective Peter Whitney , also in love with Helen, dedicates himself to capturing the elusive Creeper. One of these was Bullet Scars, which had the look of a s gangster meller which somehow escaped filming at the time of its inception. Decked out with a lavish toupee, Regis Toomey stars as country doctor Steven Bishop, who is strongarmed into operating on wounded bank robber Joe Madison Michael Ames without reporting the wound to the cops. Coerced into assisting Bishop is trained nurse Nora Adele Longmir , who happens to be Madison's sister. Falling in love with Dr.

Bishop, Nora helps him sneak a message to the cops, and the result is a noisy climactic shootout pieced together with a handful of new shots and stock footage from earlier Warners epics. Variety was understating the case when it described Bullet Scars as "a very unpleasant film. It begins when Barbara Carlin Lockhart shows up amongst the mourners at a funeral.

Thing of it is, it's her funeral-or at least it's supposed to be. With the help of family lawyer Michael Dunn Hugh Beaumont , Barbara endeavors to find out who's been buried in her place? Ultimately, the instigator of Barbara's presumed death is revealed, but not in this synopsis.

McNeal James Stewart is a reporter who is asked by his editor to look into a potential story: their newspaper has been carrying an ad offering a substantial reward for information regarding the murder of a policeman that occurred eleven years ago. It turns out the ad was placed by a cleaning woman named Tillie Wiecek Kasia Orzazewski ; her son Frank Richard Conte was convicted of the crime, but she is thoroughly convinced her son had nothing to do with the killing. McNeal doesn't believe for a moment that Frank could be innocent, but he sees a good human interest story in Tillie and writes a piece that receives a great deal of favorable attention.

Brian Kelly Lee J. Cobb , McNeal's editor, thinks there might be more to this story and asks P. To McNeal's surprise, Frank passes a lie detector test in which he proclaims his innocence, and the more he digs into records on the case, the more he finds wrong with the original investigation; some evidence is missing, much is inconclusive, and the reporter begins to wonder if Frank might have been railroaded after all, or if the police might be trying to keep something quiet.

Call Northside was based on a true story. Kildare" series became the sole responsibility of Lionel Barrymore as the crusty Dr. Leonard Gillespie. In the first Kildare-less entry, Calling Dr. Gillespie, the ageing medico has a new assistant, refugee Dutch surgeon Dr. John Hunter Gerniede Philip Dorn. Both Gillespie and Gerniede tackle the case of schizophrenic homicidal maniac Roy Todwell Phil Brown , who is quite a handful to say the least. The story comes to a more suspenseful conclusion than usual as Todwell stalks Gillespie in the dead of night.

MGM star-to-be Ava Gardner has a tiny, uncredited bit role. James Stephenson plays the titular gentleman sleuth, who must solve the murder of the inventor of a revolutionary new bombsight the original film concerned a championship dog race. The principal suspect is the victim's brother, who is taken out of the running when he, too, is bumped off. The actual killer is in the employ of an unnamed foreign government-and, in the tradition of Kennel Murder Case, is also the least suspicious and most cooperative of the suspects.

With Calling Philo Vance, mystery novelist S. Van Dine's dilettante detective bade farewell to the screen for seven years, returning in through the facilities of low-budget PRC Pictures. Brophy Directed by: William B. The trouble begins when one prisoner manages to fashion a crude pistol. Enlisting the aid of eleven others, they successfully escape and terrorize the town until the warden and his men manage to round up the survivors and bring them back.

Carl Esmond stars as Charles Reigner, an amnesia victim who may or may not be fiendish "Catman" who has been cutting a homicial swath throughout Gay Paree. Essentially a Jeckyll-Hyde story, the film borrows a page from Oscar Wilde's anco 7 Argentina's first release, Christina stars screen favorite Zully Moreno as the title character. It's the old saw about the country lass who finds herself cast adrift in the Big City. She finds brief happiness in the arms of wealthy Esteban Serador, but he turns out to be a cad and a bounder.

To no one's surprise, Moreno is rescued by hometown sweetheart Alberto Closas, who has remained faithful through it all. Very standard stuff, Christina coasts by on the appeal of Zully Moreno, who seems much too intelligent to be mouthing the inane dialogue she is given. But whereas Howard Hughes was merely paranoid and eccentric, Smith Ohrig is an all-out psycho. Impulsively marrying ambitious model Leonora Eames Barbara Bel Geddes , Ohrig keeps the poor girl a virtual prisoner in his palatial mansion, tormenting her with twisted mind games while he continues his premarital playboy activities.

Coming to the realization that wealth and creature comforts are no substitute for stability, Leonora takes a "normal" job in the offices of society doctor Larry Quinada James Mason. Falling in love with her boss, Leonora nonetheless returns to Ohrig when he turns on his patented charm. Only an act of God accelerated by Ohrig's hedonistic lifestyle rescues Leonora from a life of lavish bondage.

Billed as Max Opuls on the credits of Caught, director Max Ophuls manages to implant his own distinctive style upon what is essentially a slick Hollywood studio product. The plan is for the former inmates to redeem themselves by working in a defense plant. Only problem: some of the cons Douglas Fowley, Arthur Hunnicutt et. Predictably, suspicion falls upon the only honest one Erik Rolf in the bunch — and upon Blackie, who is himself a previous "guest of the state. A once-dormant mine mysteriously begins to yield gold, bringing out the worst characteristics of several people involved.

When murder enters the picture, Charlie Chan interrupts his vacation and investigates, with the dubious aid of his son Tommy Victor Sen Yung and his perennially frightened chauffeur Birmingham Brown Mantan Moreland. The script for this film lifts many elements from several earlier sources, including the "high-heeled nun" bit from Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes Cream Henry Gordon. Chan is lured to the museum's opening day ceremonies on a ruse, along with a variety of strange characters ranging from a girl reporter Joan Valerie to a radio announcer played by real-life announcer Ted Osborn.

The subsequent murder spree is complicated by the fact that no one-not even the wily Chan—can tell the wax effigies from real thing. The explanation of the film's events-and the revelation of the killer-are quite a surprise.

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No sooner has he arrived than Charlie is up to his neck in a murder mystery. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. The P. Respectfully submitted by J. Kingston Pierce. An earlier version of this piece appeared on his blog, Limbo. But, for me, his work consists of one drawing-room comedy scene after another. In The Long Goodbye , not his larkiest book by a long shot, Marlowe comes upon a thug who has just been worked over by a sadistic cop by the name of I think but am too lazy to look up McGoon.

She looks old enough. But now I cannot read detective stories any more unless they are written by Raymond Chandler. Leeds Produced by Sol M. Chandler even makes a cameo. No wonder Chandler drank. Pass the scotch. A pretty good flick, despite numerous production snafus, studio squabbles, Chandler being crocked to the gills during most of the writing and a studio-mandated ending that makes little sense. It was a rush job; an effort to get one more film out of Ladd before he went off to war. Not that the acting was any help. Kiss my lens, baby!

But the film, only recently made widely available on DVD, while slight, is a pleasant surprise. Some very effective camera work and some great character bits go a long way to making this quickie B-flick an enjoyably satisfying piece of film. Ormonde, though, was forced to share the credit with Chandler, due to studio politics. Not essential, maybe, and too groovy for its own good, but fun nonetheless.

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  3. Spiralling Out of Control (The Spiralling Trilogy Book 1)!
  4. Fresh on the Scene: The Federal, Cast Iron, Poor Hendrix, and Suzy Siu’s Baos!
  5. No romantic clinches with the babe as the credits roll in this one. It also underscores the fact they should have cast Mitchum as Marlowe thirty or so years earlier. Definitely worth investigating. FanFic taken to a whole new level. Why not an eyepatch? Or mine. Based on the short story by Raymond Chandler Teleplay by C. Read all about it here. The first serious biography on Chandler; pivotal and essential. Bruccoli, Matthew J. This page chapbook was possibly the first major bibliographical list devoted to Chandler.

    Beekman, E. Porter, J. Reck, T. MacShane, Frank. For years, it was the go-to biography, picking up from Durham and laying the foundation for all that followed. Gardiner, Dorothy and Kathrine Sorley Walker, editors. Petty, nasty, cranky, cynical and at times surprisingly touching.

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